In the beginning there was a dream, to make a new glider which would capture passion for termic flying. After two year long hard development, it's honest for us to present you an Asperatus F5J.

It's the glider intended for the best experiences in air. We achieved that by using the best avaible technologies and highest grade materials. The construction is multilayer composite vacuumed in forms in combination of glass and carbon fibre composite according to version. Stiffness of the wing is very good thanks to linear carbon fibre reinforcements and balsa wood struts. Fuselage is full carbon fibre, from combination of 45° fabric and linear fibers in the whole lenght giving it an extreme anti twist stiffness. Airfoil is very slim and changing in whole lenght of the wing, which allows plane to reach various amount of speeds. Winglets at the ends of wing help better stability and lower radius of rotation.

There are three avaible versions of Asperatus, Relax, Competizione and Competizione Ultraleggera.

Relax version is intended for recreation flying, it can handle wind up to 6 m/s. Material of wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizers is double glass fibre composite. Fuselage is full carbon fiber, with smaller curvature for smoother landing.

Competizione is uncompromised racing machine. Higher weight of this version predetermines it for flying in stronger wind. Vertical and horizontal stabilizers are same as on Relax version but on request we can make them from combination of biaxial carbon fibre and glass fibre. Fuselage has higher curvature for sharper landing without recoil.

Competizione Ultraleggera is almost same as Competizione but weight has been reduced with standard use of biaxial fibers on all parts.

Color variations

Technical specifications

Relax Competizione Competizione Ultraleggera
Wingspan (mm) 3730 3730 3730
Lenght (mm) 1850 1850 1850
Vertical stabilazer lenght (mm) 390 390 390
Horizontal stabilazer lenght (mm) 760 760 760
Wing area (dm2) 76,6 76,6 76,6
Horizontal s. area (dm2) 8,1 8,1 8,1
Total area (dm2) 84,7 84,7 84,7
Dry weight (g) 1300 1200 / 1100 biaxial 950

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