In the beginning there was a dream to make a new glider which  our passion for thermic flying and nice sport called gliding. This have a lot do with meteorology. Because of that, we have chosen name Asperatus for our F5J glider, which mean a magnificent and rare type of cloud.

Asperatus F5J is the glider designed for the best experiences. Gliding is all about the moment, when you feel that strange pushing by upwind. You, your glider and the athmosphere are some kind one piece, every glider pilot know very well. But there are sometimes moments, when we need to speed up and get wild. So you can try some easy aerobatics and speeds arrounf 100 km/h without problem.

Wing, elevator and rudder are full composite construction without core with double fiber layer and herex interlayer. Stiffness of the wing is done by carbon roving reinforcements and laminated balsa wood struts. Airfoil is very slim and changing in whole lenght of the wing. We are using five modified AG types, which allows plane to reach various amount of speeds as the good handling and thermic sensitivity.

Fuselage is shell full carbon fibre construction, from combination of 45° fabric and linear fibers in the whole lenght.  It can be painted or with raw carbon fibre look. Steel servos bowdens and motor holder are mounted in standard.

Standard equipment supplied with plane is set of 5° carbon fiber wing joiners, installed cables, servos mounting points and covers, engine carbon counter (suitable for any motor you like). On request plane can be equiped with Balast set, which include changeable 133, 212, 262 and 338 g weights mounted in fuselage in three possible possition for center of gravity changes. Also, you can have 7° wing joiners for flying in very calm air. You will get plane in normal transport bags, but on request you can buy special reflexive bags for anti thermal protection. These can be used on folded plane.


Relax version is designed for recreation flying, it can handle wind up to 10 m/s. Material of wing, horizontal and vertical stabilizers is double Interglass composite with herex interlayer. You can have three different weights, 1 050 g, 1 100 g and 1 200 g emptyweight

Competizione is version for competitive use and for pilots who prefer carbon plane. Material of wings, elevator and rudder is biaxial carbon fiber with Interglass inside layer. On request, u can also have double carbon version. In standard this version is not painted with rich color, just with clear view to biaxial carbon and fluo orange ornaments. You can have four weight versions, 950 g, 1 050 g, 1 100 g and 1 200 g emptyweight.

Color variations

Technical specifications

Relax Competizione
Wingspan (mm) 3730 3730
Lenght (mm) 1850 1850
Vertical stabilazer lenght (mm) 390 390
Horizontal stabilazer lenght (mm) 760 760
Wing area (dm2) 76,6 76,6
Horizontal s. area (dm2) 8,1 8,1
Total area (dm2) 84,7 84,7
Empty weight (g) 1 050, 1 100, 1200

950, 1 050, 1 100, 1 200


Center of gravity -  93-96 mm for beginning, then up to 105 mm

 Maximal deflections

Rudder - left 40 mm – right 40 mm

Elevator - up 10 mm – down 10 mm

Ailerons - up 15 mm – down 10mm. Differention 50%

Flaps (max breaking) - 85° down

Thermic flight - ailerons and flaps 0 – 8 mm

 Flight modes

Start - ailerons and flaps 1 – 2 mm down

Thermic - ailerons and flaps 3 – 4 mm down

Landing - flaps 2 mm down – ailerons 3 – 5 mm up

Fast - ailerons and flaps 0 mm

Super fast - ailerons and flaps 2 mm up

Recommended equipment

Motor - MEGA 16/15/5CE

Servos ailerons, flaps - KST DS125MG (4x)

Servos rudder, elevator - KST DS145MG (2x)

Regulator - due to unavaibility of Castle TALON the choice of ESC is on the customer (after consultation)

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